Ukelele Lessons

Ukulele is a refreshing way to solve the problem that so many people face when trying to play the guitar. You may have noticed that somehow this diminutive
instrument has suddenly become very hip. It also seems to be an instrument that people can take up later in life, enjoying not only a new relationship with music, but a connection to countless others who want to play but just don’t know where to start. For kids, it’s a great starter when they are interested in playing a stringed instrument at an early age. Since the ukulele is small and only has four strings, it is much easier to navigate than the guitar. This makes for much simpler chords that are easy to remember with more accessible transitions between the changes your fingers have to make. We will have you playing and singing in no time! Contact us to get started!

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“I started out as a guitar student and then picked up the uke. It was so easy and fun to play! Now I am singing and playing to my baby girl every night before she goes to sleep!”

Jesse (age 35)