Piano Lessons

Oh, the piano. It seems that a large percentage of parents want their kids to learn piano, but do the kids really want to play the instrument? When we see examples of people playing on stage, it is often the guitar player, or singer who gets featured. The keyboard player often hovers in the background like some enigmatic figure as the spotlight shines on the lead singer who is about to do a stage dive. At Groundswell, we explore how awesome the piano is as an instrument. Not only can you make a keyboard produce practically any sound imaginable, but you can also play three to four melodic lines at once because you have the benefit of using all ten fingers. Yes, we understand that piano is probably the single greatest way that an aspiring musician can understand how music truly works, but we also know that if you aren’t having fun you probably will never take the time to gain that knowledge. No matter what instrument you study at Groundswell School of Music, you will probably be exposed to some musical concepts on the piano, but if you want to know the secret of how music works, the piano may be the answer you have been looking for. If you are interested in the piano please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

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“I used to think the piano was so boring. Now I am learning new songs every week and just played piano on stage in front of a couple hundred people!”

Grace (age 12)