Guitar Lessons

The cultural impact of the guitar is undeniable. The instrument single-handedly created rock ‘n’ roll and has given millions of people a gateway to music. We help develop both acoustic and electric players and believe that exposure to a variety of musical styles helps to make for a well-rounded musician. At Groundswell we focus on introducing our students to inspiring material, while teaching skills to support them in learning to express themselves on the instrument. At every opportunity we look for ways to bring students together to practice and perform. If you are interested in developing your skills on the guitar, or want to find people to jam with, please drop us a line.

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“Lewis taught me how to play a fun riff at my first lesson. Next thing I know he starts playing drums and we were jamming!”

Zach (age 13)

“I’m really digging your teachings so far. It’s very inspiring to be around someone who just oozes music out of their pores. Looking forward to the next lesson!!”

Luke (age 26)