The Studio

This is where we ultimately collaborate with you to take your musical idea and turn it into something that can reach a larger audience. Our facility has cutting edge tools and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you produce, record and ultimately publish your creative work.


‘In My Room’ by Disco Montana

Announcing the debut release from Portland, OR based duo featuring Hayley Lynn and James Julian [...]

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‘I Am’ by Blair Borax

‘I AM’ IS A DARK AND DREAMY ANTHEM ON BEING HUMAN Blair Borax’s debut single [...]

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‘I’m Here for You’ by James Julian Villa

‘I’m Here for You’ is like getting a call from your best friend when you [...]

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End of the Line

This track was written for a friend going through a tough time. We’ve know each [...]

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Cabulambó – Single

Born and organically raised in Brazil, Marcio has drunk from wells of traditions and styles, [...]

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Myles Grant – Trucks and Guns and Toys

Trucks and Guns and Toys by Myles Grant Released October 7, 2017 Recording Engineer: Lewis [...]

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Life is a River

A vintage style music video for the song “Life is a River,” by Lewis Childs. [...]

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So Tired

Music video for the song, “So Tired” from the album, Currents by Lewis Childs.

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Invisible Children

KONY 2012 music video. Original song composed by Lewis Childs inspired by the KONY 2012 [...]

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