Drum Lessons

It really all starts with a beat! Does your kid drum on everything they get their hands on? Do you want to make sure that you can always get a gig? Have you found yourself rhythmically challenged in some way and want to figure out how to crack the code? The drums may be the instrument that you have been looking for! At Groundswell we focus on getting the beat into our bodies so that we can create that funky rhythm that helps a song groove. It is our belief that everybody who plays music should have a few drum lessons. We offer lessons on the drum kit and a host of different percussion instruments. Having a sense of the pulse that drives a piece of music is an essential component to being able to have fun jamming with people. We start with one of the most fundamental things that we do, which is walking. Once we find the rhythm with our feet, our hands quickly follow and then we can start having some fun. You’ll be playing with other people in no time and will see that pretty much anything can become a drum or percussion instrument. Please contact us if you are ready to experiment with the drums, we would love to hear from you!

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“I’ve played a lot of instruments at Groundswell, and made a bunch of beats. Drums are my favorite!!!”

Akil (age 8)