Bass Lessons

There is an old joke, “What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?” “The guy who plays the bass.” Yet at Groundswell, we look at the bass player as an integral link between the drums and the rest of the band. At some point everyone in the studio is encouraged to pick up the bass. It gives drummers the opportunity to play rhythmically while connecting to the chords in a song. Guitar players that pick up the bass are free to explore a single melodic line while locking in rhythmically with the drummer. This enhances their approach to the guitar, giving them new melodic ideas. If you want opportunities to play in a band and think that there are already too many guitar players in the world, perhaps bass is the perfect choice. If you are interested in playing the bass, contact us to get started.

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“Groundswell Studios has done more for me than teach me how to play a neat bass line or sing in harmony; Groundswell Studios has not only given me the confidence to push myself and put myself out there in front of a crowd, but it has also shown me what happens when I do test those boundaries. It has shown me a whole new side of myself that I didn’t even know was there.”

Nik (age 17)