Vulfpeck – Funk Bros. 2.0

When I say that this rhythm section out of Michigan does a little bit of everything, I am not joking. These fellas deliver soulful grooves, do backflips, have developed their own unique style of making videos, released a compressor plugin, made their own font, sing, birdwatch and the list goes on… This is an innovative group of guys on the rise…

And if you want to support Vulfpeck so that they can create more funky sounds like this, go here…

Or listen on Spotify, speaking of which, here is an interesting little note from wikipedia on the band:

“In March 2014 Vulfpeck released Sleepify, a silent album on Spotify, in order to raise funds for an admission-free tour. The album generated $20,000 in royalty over a two-month period. Subsequently Spotify removed the album stating it violated their terms of content. The band’s royalty generation scheme received international press coverage. In late July, the band received the royalties and announced that they will follow through and organize a tour.”

We like their capture the moment video style seen in this little wicked bass solo clip:

And finally, they teamed up with the amazing Blake Mills: