Tinsek Amygadala

I first found out about Tinsek from a friend when he showed me this video:

I was struck by the bold harmonic changes – the delivery was understated but assured and I got the feeling that the band were genuinely into the moment that is captured on the video. I say band, but really this is primarily the songwriting and arranging of one Swedish artist whose real name seems to be hidden from the casual search. What does matter is that the music is unlike anything that I have heard in the way it blends the instruments voices and production recorded on the album. If you are into Allen stone, you may already be familiar with some of Tinsek’s work as he produced Allen Stones 2015 release, Radius.

It’s gonna be real interesting to see what this artist does next…

Reference links:
http://www.allenstone.com (see Allen Stone for link to crediting Tinsek with production on Radius for wiki)