‘In My Room’ by Disco Montana

Announcing the debut release from Portland, OR based duo featuring Hayley Lynn and James Julian [...]

‘I Am’ by Blair Borax

‘I AM’ IS A DARK AND DREAMY ANTHEM ON BEING HUMAN Blair Borax’s debut single [...]

‘I’m Here for You’ by James Julian Villa

‘I’m Here for You’ is like getting a call from your best friend when you [...]

Life is a River

A vintage style music video for the song “Life is a River,” by Lewis Childs. [...]

End of the Line

This track was written for a friend going through a tough time. We’ve know each [...]

Tim Maia – “Crazy Bom”

In my last year of college, a friend gave me the album compiled by David [...]

Tinsek Amygadala

I first found out about Tinsek from a friend when he showed me this video: [...]

So Tired

Music video for the song, “So Tired” from the album, Currents by Lewis Childs.