Cabulambó – Single

Born and organically raised in Brazil, Marcio has drunk from wells of traditions and styles, [...]

Invisible Children

KONY 2012 music video. Original song composed by Lewis Childs inspired by the KONY 2012 [...]

Myles Grant – Trucks and Guns and Toys

Trucks and Guns and Toys by Myles Grant Released October 7, 2017 Recording Engineer: Lewis [...]

Vulfpeck – Funk Bros. 2.0

When I say that this rhythm section out of Michigan does a little bit of [...]

Random Access Memories – Genius Undercover

After a long day in the studio I flipped on the T.V. to unwind for [...]

Heart – From Magic Man to The Stairway to Heaven

I must have heard “Magic Man” five-hundred times on Classic Rock radio, but then one [...]

Sheila Govindarajan – Lady of the Lake

This is a little gem that comes from Los Angeles released, February 2016. Rarely do [...]